Tim’s Bio

Tim Summers

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Tim Summers is a powerful visionary with a passion for empoweringpeople to reach their true potential and expand their possibilities. Achieving the improbable is what Tim strives for in both himself and his clients.

As an aggressive learner and reader with an interest in everything, there are few subjects that Tim does not have some knowledge of. He has explored many fields of interest, including acting, computer consulting, writing, accounting, law, engineering, communication and relationships. He has started small businesses, founded non profits, and worked for some of the Fortune 1000 companies. He has been both an instructor and a student.

This vast breadth of knowledge and experience allows Tim to draw on many modalities to offer insight to his clients. His ability to find the lesson in every event and turn each into a teaching parable (and share these delightful insights with humor) make him a most interesting teacher and guide.

The loving father of a vibrant 18 year old daughter, Glynnis, Tim has come to know the challenges of being a single parent in today’s world. He has found that love and humor go a long way to ease the stresses of life with a child.

Enjoying the life lessons that raising a child brings, he has come to realize that his relationship with others is a reflection of his own relationship with himself. His desire to share this in-depth understanding of relationships has led him to becoming the leader of an Edmonton based singles group. Here he shares his insightful understanding of how perception, beliefs and attitudes can weave together to create a new synergy, generating new results.

Tim knows that your perception creates your world and can artfully lead you into new ways of perceiving. He will creatively guide you into seeing new paths and possibilities. He will facilitate an understanding of how to take action to achieve your goals.

By seeing what is possible and a having a clear path of action, you will leap forward and upward over your perceived obstacles. You will be motivated to reach your goals and desires.

Tim teaches people to create a powerful mind set that facilitates new and fresh ideas to be explored and passionately enjoyed.

Let Tim transform your thinking so you can transform your world.