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Magpie Poets

At the big book signing event at Chapter’s Shawnessy in South West Calgary on March 21st (an event so big that there were 14 authors present, including my own hubby, Neil, with his book A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening – more on his book at www.awarriorsheart.ca ) I had the privilege of hearing 3 authors from the group that calls themselves the Magpie Poets speak.

They were delightfully entertaining, informative and inspirational!  I not only bought their book Weathered Wings, an Anthology of Poetry (a lovely collection of Haiku and Tanka poems) I was inspired to write some Haiku of my own the very next day!

Here are a couple of my little poetic expressions, in the form of non-traditional Haiku:

Familiar Face

Unseen for so long

Heart bursts with Joy



Information and passion

Magpie Poets

 And a couple that I wrote on Saturday, attempting to follow the traditional 5/7/5 structure:

Boots crunching on snow

Glistening in the sunlight

Feeling so Alive!


Sipping my mint tea

I watch my naked man bathe

My heart overflows

I hope you enjoy these and are inspired to try some of this 3 line poetry for yourself!

Support for Keeping Passion Alive

Last night I attended the monthly meeting of the Calgary Authors Group (www.calgaryauthors.com ).  I heard about the group for the very first time just the day before at a friend’s book signing.  As I talked to one of the authors sharing space with our friend, something told me I should go and check them out.  (I meet their qualifications for membership as a published author of a spiritually focused book with my self-published journaling book, Believe in Yourself- You Are Awesome!   See http://www.bestucanb.ca/Journaling.php for details on the book.)

I am very glad I did.  What a delightful group of people!  So warm and friendly and so committed to serving one another.  The group originally came together with the intention of helping each other sell their books.  I saw that they exchange books; reading other member’s books means that they really do know one another’s work.  They meet each month to share ideas about printing, marketing, promoting, etc, etc.  They share their resources to do group book signings, share booths at trade shows, etc.  They believe in ‘strength in numbers’, trusting that they can accomplish more as a group than they would as individuals.

It was such a wonderful reminder to me of the inspiration, encouragement and support that comes from surrounding yourself with like-minded people.  A group of people with the same focus can achieve so much more than any one person.  Every successful person will tell you they have a team of experts around them who have helped them succeed.  I see that this group will also succeed.

Last night I received encouragement to move forward and publish my manuscript The Magic of India- A Personal Awakening and just being around these enthusiastic authors renewed my interest in making my journaling book (which, I have been told by people who’ve used it, is very effective at bringing about positive life changes) more available to more people. 

I am grateful for the gifts I received by attending this meeting and am seriously considering becoming a member of the group.  I encourage you to involve yourself with a group(s) who inspire and encourage you to take action in whatever you are interested in.  It’s an integral part of keeping your passion alive.