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To understand what we want we much first know; to see, to feel, is to already Be what we want.

This is the key behind The Secret. If you are unfamiliar with the Law of Attraction, I suggest you get acquainted.
In my opinion the movie was a little material focused for my liking. However, the principles for manifest… *thumbs up*

So. Quickly: Here is the secret behind The Secret:
Primarily focused energy helps you manifest your Heart’s Greatest Desire. To find out what this is… Ask Your Heart. Once you have tuned to it, it will always guide you towards that which you attract most. Problem is, we are often so familiar with our conditioning; indoctrination, programming, it has many names, that we lose our (own) focus. Our Awareness. And, the connection to the collective is often severed or frayed from conception.

To, Be Love: We must first be it to see it. Others can only reflect for us the experience we are here to have. The Shift is here. In fact, the shift has come and gone, thrice over!! The good news in all of that? It has been transmitted, transmuted and transposed to transform (Us, collective, as a whole). Through wonderful channels, Starseeds streams Consciousness. Our Collective Mind. Guides. Angels. There are many names. Many beliefs. The primary behind all the big ‘organized’ ones is, all the same root, love. And, Love travels on Light.

The Dark Ones never won. The powers that were no longer do. The world is waking up and we are in the greatest part of it. The One’s (here) to experience the shift.
We forget, when we get here, We Are (All) One. We are: Free To Be, what (ever) we want to be! If our drive takes us there. Our greatest hopes. Dreams. Desires. They inspire to aspire. Affirm with focus (no longer ‘in-tension’). Open. Aware. Of Like-mind. “The Collective is only as enlightened as the medium common denominator.” Where do you fit in the scale? How are you contributing? Are you? Do you want to?

Humanity doesn’t need to be a virus on our planet.
In fact, we are highly capable with an incredible adaptability to create a new.
In fact!! It’s even our “God given gift.” Imagine that … In the image of God. We Are.
We are the energy here to save Her, “Gracias, Pachamama. Namaste. Ho’pino. I Honor You.”

“And, what if we really did?”
The Ripple Effect (aka: Butterfly Effect). A wave of energy emitted from Earth, 3rd and 5-D, will return to the Center of The Universe, to be Return in Love.
Vibrationally, this is the single most effective thing we can be part of to contribute to the human race, long-term, for generations to come.
As for here and now, reflect on this…

– How would your world change if that’s how you greeted every person you had an experience with in a day with, “[Namaste]” … try it. See if you can connect to what it really means!

– Hug someone for more than 23 seconds. Left Arm Up!! “Heart Conscious Hugs” .. Go. Hug some/one today!

– Help lift someone up. In any way that acknowledges Their Higher Self; Greatest Good, as they do yours. Or, in a completely new way! (Something so simple as ‘talk to a stranger; without exchanging names, for ~3mins. Learn something about them. Don’t tell them anything about yourself. Ask questions, only)

– Tell someone you love, You Love Them! <3


Super perfundo on the early eve of your day!  😉

Tears of Gratitude

This is an excerpt from the Tuesday,Oct 7th, 2014 issue of Heart and Mind Matters (you can receive your complimentary subscription of this weekly uplift at www.bestucanb.ca )

Heart-felt sharing from Tina:

Tina, last week marked the 2nd anniversary of my father’s passing. As the day approached, I found myself crying. Yet, they were not the tears of sadness that you might expect; they were tears of gratitude. (Photo is Dad, at our wedding in 1985.)

It began with feeling grateful for the connection that I experienced with my father in the last few months before he left his body. There had been many years of painful distance between us – not physical distance, since I made a point of making the three hour drive to visit him about once a month throughout all those years – rather, it was the distance of disconnection. Yet, in the last couple of months, we bridged that distance and shared a heartfelt connection that was deeper than anything we had ever known between us before.

The tears continued to flow as I remembered those moments before he left his body… I had been talking to him in his comatose state, telling him that I loved him, and that I understood that he needed to leave his body, and that he had our permission and blessing to go whenever he needed to… when he suddenly opened his eyes and looked at me. He told me, without words, how much he loved me and how proud he was of me, and how much he appreciated my forgiveness for leaving so soon. I drank in all he was telling me, and answered back without words – our souls speaking to one another. Then I stepped aside to give my step-mother some private time with her husband of 25 years. It was only a few moments before she called me over, fully aware that his time was near. As mum and I stood with our arms around each other, gazing lovingly at this man we both held dear, he looked from her face to mine. Then we watched in awe as his gaze was drawn upward. We actually witnessed him watching those who had come to guide him away. He talked with them – again, not with words, but with his soul – then looked at each of us one last time before turned his attention back to them and took his last, gasping breath. “Mum, did what I think just happened, happen!?” I whispered. Her response was a big squeeze. We just stood there holding each other awhile. “Mum, is it okay if we just stay here with him awhile before we tell anyone?” I asked. It seemed right to just sit quietly and wait for him to transition from his body fully before we even notified the care staff. She whole-heartedly agreed.

It was all an incredibly honoring, beautiful and peaceful experience.

More tears of gratitude flow, Tina, as I realize that I would never have experienced these very precious times with my father if I had not had the teachers and mentors I’d had in my life… if I had never been shown the beauty of being bigger than my ego and offering unconditional love… if I had never experienced the practices that taught me how to connect with someone so deeply, that words were not necessary to convey the energy of love.

I cry even now as I realize, for the first time ( How did I not see it before!? ) that many of these practices were the very same practices we introduced to more than 20 people last weekend at the CONNECTION event ! I feel a deep well of gratitude for Neil’s persistent desire to share these practices with others…. and for finally seeing how incredibly precious it is to be able to share this him and with others.

Even if these practices never serve them in the way I have been served, at least the possibility now exists for them! If they continue to use and deepen these practices, it may bring them the same incredible beauty and joy that these practises have brought me.

For all of this, I cry tears of gratitude…

Tina, may you feel the beauty of heart-felt connection this week.



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Sunrise from Alberta’s Pyramid

We celebrated this Fall Equinox – the one of only two days of the year when the night and day are the exact same length in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the earth – by watching the sunrise from a Pyramid!   Yes, really!

We were up at 3:30 am on September 21st and on the road at 4:00 am. We were delighted to have one traveler join us at our home and a second traveler join us just outside Calgary.  As we stopped for a morning coffee, we all wondered what the heck we were doing up so early!  We received the answer when we arrived at the Marna Lake Pyramid, near Pincher Creek, Alberta, at 6:45 am.  The peaceful atmosphere, and the beautiful colors in the sky at that time of day made the drive worthwhile… even before the sun rose.

2013-09-21 07.27.22We were even happier to be there for the breath-taking sunrise around 7:20am.  What a wonderful experience to watch the sun peek out from the horizon and slowly crawl it’s way up the knoll across the field in front of us, until it was fully above the dark silhouette of the earth, shining so brightly we were nearly blinded.

The energy in the pyramid was very calm and soothing.  It was so calming that, as each one of us took turns laying on the healing bed, we almost immediately fell into a deep, calm, restful place.  One or two of us were even were snoring <blush>!

We spent two glorious hours in and around the temple before our gracious host, Jens, served us coffee, fruit and danishes in the adjacent meeting hall.

Our questions to you are:

#1. What have you done recently that is out of your normal comfort zone?  Getting up at 3:30 am and going to the pyramid was definitely outside our comfort zones, as our preference would definitely be to stay in bed til at least 8:00 am on a Saturday morning!

#2 What were / would be the benefits of stepping outside your comfort zone? We all got to share an amazing experience with one another, feeling a special level of connection from having taken the journey together… not to mention the healing and calm we felt from sitting and meditating in the pyramid on Jen’s sacred land.