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To understand what we want we much first know; to see, to feel, is to already Be what we want.

This is the key behind The Secret. If you are unfamiliar with the Law of Attraction, I suggest you get acquainted.
In my opinion the movie was a little material focused for my liking. However, the principles for manifest… *thumbs up*

So. Quickly: Here is the secret behind The Secret:
Primarily focused energy helps you manifest your Heart’s Greatest Desire. To find out what this is… Ask Your Heart. Once you have tuned to it, it will always guide you towards that which you attract most. Problem is, we are often so familiar with our conditioning; indoctrination, programming, it has many names, that we lose our (own) focus. Our Awareness. And, the connection to the collective is often severed or frayed from conception.

To, Be Love: We must first be it to see it. Others can only reflect for us the experience we are here to have. The Shift is here. In fact, the shift has come and gone, thrice over!! The good news in all of that? It has been transmitted, transmuted and transposed to transform (Us, collective, as a whole). Through wonderful channels, Starseeds streams Consciousness. Our Collective Mind. Guides. Angels. There are many names. Many beliefs. The primary behind all the big ‘organized’ ones is, all the same root, love. And, Love travels on Light.

The Dark Ones never won. The powers that were no longer do. The world is waking up and we are in the greatest part of it. The One’s (here) to experience the shift.
We forget, when we get here, We Are (All) One. We are: Free To Be, what (ever) we want to be! If our drive takes us there. Our greatest hopes. Dreams. Desires. They inspire to aspire. Affirm with focus (no longer ‘in-tension’). Open. Aware. Of Like-mind. “The Collective is only as enlightened as the medium common denominator.” Where do you fit in the scale? How are you contributing? Are you? Do you want to?

Humanity doesn’t need to be a virus on our planet.
In fact, we are highly capable with an incredible adaptability to create a new.
In fact!! It’s even our “God given gift.” Imagine that … In the image of God. We Are.
We are the energy here to save Her, “Gracias, Pachamama. Namaste. Ho’pino. I Honor You.”

“And, what if we really did?”
The Ripple Effect (aka: Butterfly Effect). A wave of energy emitted from Earth, 3rd and 5-D, will return to the Center of The Universe, to be Return in Love.
Vibrationally, this is the single most effective thing we can be part of to contribute to the human race, long-term, for generations to come.
As for here and now, reflect on this…

– How would your world change if that’s how you greeted every person you had an experience with in a day with, “[Namaste]” … try it. See if you can connect to what it really means!

– Hug someone for more than 23 seconds. Left Arm Up!! “Heart Conscious Hugs” .. Go. Hug some/one today!

– Help lift someone up. In any way that acknowledges Their Higher Self; Greatest Good, as they do yours. Or, in a completely new way! (Something so simple as ‘talk to a stranger; without exchanging names, for ~3mins. Learn something about them. Don’t tell them anything about yourself. Ask questions, only)

– Tell someone you love, You Love Them! <3


Super perfundo on the early eve of your day!  😉