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As I looked out the window this morning, seeing a clear blue sky and sunshine, I knew I wanted to start my day outdoors.  After kissing my hubby and sending him out the door with wishes for a lovely day, I stepped onto our tiny front lawn and decided that the 5 Cleansing Breaths would be my morning grounding ritual today.  After drawing upon the elements of earth, water, fire and air to cleanse my body, emotions, mind and spirit, it felt right to just stay out there in the sunshine.  I grabbed a cushion and sat under a tree, appreciating the sunshine on my face and the sound of birds chirping above me. 

 As I enjoyed the peacefulness of sitting quietly in the little bit of Mother Nature we have here in the big city, I heard the teaching of Nithyananda in my mind, “unclutch your thoughts.”  I closed my eyes and let thoughts bubble up, attempting not to connect them to one another.  It’s a practice I haven’t used in some time… and it showed!   My, how difficult I found it to let each thought be without connecting it to any other thought. 

 It wasn’t long before I was asking myself questions and pondering things.  One question I asked was, “What should I write about today?”  The words “Clarity is Power” came to mind.  I let that go and continued to ponder other things. 

 Much too soon, the neighborhood came to life, and the dramatic increase in traffic distracted me.  At first I reluctantly headed indoors then decided it was ok, as my stomach would appreciate some food.  As I allowed myself the grace of eating a quiet, conscious breakfast alone, without reading or listening to music or doing any other thing but eating, the words “Know Thyself” popped into my head.  I felt I should write about that.  Then I thought, “ But what about the clarity is power message?”  I laughed when it dawned on me that these are not separate topics.   Clarity does, in fact, offer a person great power, and what more powerful tool than to have clarity about oneself!?

 Reflecting on the shocking number of years that I really didn’t know myself very well – who I really was, what I wanted, what my strengths and weaknesses were, what my purpose was, etc. – it’s no wonder that I spent so much time in confusion and fear.  These are feelings of powerlessness… signs of a lack of clarity. 

 Stop a moment and reflect upon yourself.  How much fear and confusion appear in your life (recognizing that anger, frustration, indecision, worry, and anxiety are all just variations of fear)?  And how well do you know yourself?  Is there a correlation?

 I’d love to hear what you discover.  Please write to me and let me know.  You can either post here or write to me privately at info@bestucanb.ca 

 P.S.  If you’d to gain more clarity in your life, consider taking The Passion Test.  It’s a process that certainly made a big difference in both Neil’s and my life.  Neil is hosting a two part workshop tomorrow (April 22) and next Thursday in Calgary.  More at www.passiontest.ca  Or we can take you through the Passion Test one-on-one… write to us at the email above.

Missing in Action

Yup, that’s me….missing in action.  I’m here, but I haven’t really been here.  I stopped writing at the end of January with any regularity because I got caught up (can you say ‘obsessed’?) in moving the Universal Circle of Women forward.  Check www.universalcircleofwomen.com  if you haven’t yet… I’m acting on a vision I had this summer and it’s consuming what energy I have left after teaching my Nia classes these days. 

Which means things like connecting with people through our blog, doing my daily rituals, connecting with friends, dancing for me, etc, etc have all fallen by the wayside.  I had a huge reality check the other day when I suddenly became aware of how tight and tense my body was and how on edge I felt… I’d fallen into an old pattern of ‘doing’ and taking on all the responsibilties on as my own, again.   Nothing that a walk in the woods couldn’t cure… some time with the trees brought me back into a grounded state and I’m back writing and meditating and honoring my need to be creative through all the administrative stuff I’m doing.

This reminder to myself to keep the love and creative energy flowing, no matter how many ‘to do’s’ there are, will surely be useful to a few of you, too… call a friend right now and tell them you care, write a line or two of poetry or dance to some upbeat music.  Do something that connects you to that sense of love and oneness again. 

Namaste,  Tina

Connecting with Nature

Last night I sat on my couch and read half of my friend Cori Ellingson’s book Vision Quest – A Spiritual Awakening.  The only reason I didn’t finish reading it was I listened to the voice of sensibility that told me to pay attention to my yawning and go to bed.  It wasn’t easy to listen to that voice… I felt quite compelled to keep reading. I was thoroughly enjoying vicariously experiencing the Vision Quest on the mountain through Cori.

Her story is well written and very engaging.  She alternately shares her experience on the mountain and her preparation for being there.  The desire I often feel to escape and be alone in nature was certainly brought to life as I read.  As a matter of fact, I was inspired to begin my day today that way.  I bundled up and headed outside, even before the sun was up, to walk to a nearby playground with big trees.  I stood with my back against a tree, closed my eyes and engaged in the 5 cleansing breaths ceremony I learned in June at the Dances of Universal Peace retreat I attended.  It was so fitting, for it is a ceremony handed down from the ancient peoples of our land, just as the vision quest is.  I don’t know how long I spent in the park, but I stayed until the sensations of cold and hunger encouraged me to walk back home.  

Yet as I walked away from the park, tears welled up in my eyes.  I can’t put a name to what I was feeling, but a great heaviness filled my heart.  I knew it was too soon to walk away from mother nature and go back to the ‘doing’ of my every day life.   I went back in the house only long enough to drink some water and put on more layers of clothes.  I grabbed my yoga mat and headed out to another area with large trees.  There I found a hollow in the snow amid a cluster of three huge spruce trees that gave me the impression that an animal had slept there for the night.   Perhaps a rabbit – there are a few in our neighborhood- although I didn’t see any telltale droppings to confirm that.  No matter, it seemed like a perfect place to rest my bum, so that my feet and head would be slightly elevated.  I placed my mat over the indentation in the snow and lay down.  Perfect! 

As I lay there breathing in the sweet smell of tree boughs, I thought of my friend Rita who first taught me to lay on the ground to connect with Mother Earth and smiled.  I hope she is enjoying her current stay in Costa Rica.  I wish I could be someplace so warm that I could lay on the bare earth with my bare body, instead of laying on snow in layers of clothing and coats!

The cawing of a bird nearby brought me back to thoughts of Cori and her vision quest.  I wished the birds would speak to me as they spoke to Cori.  But I recognize she was very ready for her journey, ready to listen to mother nature.  She had thoroughly prepared and was in a space of peace, appreciation and openness.  I was simply in a space of trying to recover from a rather sleepless night. Yes, despite the yawning that indicated I was tired, I experienced a strange and frantic buzzing of energy in my head all night.  My mind was not filled with the usual thoughts to keep me awake, but the odd sensation of buzzing energy kept me from sleeping restfully.  (Perhaps the effect of energy carried by the brand new pillow I was sleeping on?)

Laying on the earth always gives me a sense of rejuvenation. I probably gave up and came in sooner than my soul would have liked, but I have to confess that the call of the ‘things to do today’ became greater than the call of nature.

As I sit here and type, I note that I still feel a bit tired, but far more re-energized and renewed after my time on the ground.  As the sun begins to shine through my south facing windows, I feel my soul begin to smile once again.  I look forward to completing my tasks for the day so I can pick up Cori’s book and once again escape into the tale of her odyssey of discovery.

If you’d like to read a few chapters for yourself, visit her website www.heartproductions.ca  

Whatever you are doing today, I encourage you to take just a few moments to stop and connect with Mother Nature.  Whether it’s to simply stop and appreciate the feel of the sun on your face through a window, or to step outside and listen for the birds chirping, or breathe in the fresh, crisp winter air (that is, if you’re in Canada, like I am!), please take a moment and enjoy the calming sensation that is invariably gifted to anyone who takes the time to appreciate nature.

Allow yourself a beautiful, nature inspired day!