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  1. Thanks for your surprise guest visit on today’s video, Neil Thrussell! Jean Hudson Jo Dibblee Yvonne Basten you ladies will particularly enjoy this one, I think! You too Dan Gilson and Dano Lightwalker Bywater

  2. So many things bring positive energy, playfulness, music, light, laughter, friends, love and loving, dance, work ( yes, work !) cleaning and organizing, paying bills, ( yes, that brings joy and gratitude….because i had the money to keep my commitments ) sharing food, communion with my Father in Heaven ( God ) and being open to his guidance, quiet time with my Beautiful wife, walks in the woods, a smokie and a hot chocolate by the fire, a swim in a lake, any out door moment actually, babies, my babies,my babies even when they are big and older, certainly my grandbabies, any moment with my daughters,any moment with my sons, hangin with a great book,. and so much more. I guess this is my gratitude list for the moment too ! Thanks Tina ! And yes, I found a computer that allows sound, lol . 86,400 seconds in a day….might as well shoot for playfulness in as many of those moments as you can ! oh ya, and shower with your bestie !! lol

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