9 thoughts on “Morning Bliss!

  1. This was lovely Tina, beginning with the beautiful backdrop which made me think you were back in some exotic locale 🙂 As I as watching this and literally feeling the power of peace exuding from you, I realized how impossible it would be for anyone in this state of peace to be angry or violent. This is the true solution to most of the problems in the world, in my opinion. Thank you for pouring peace on my morning Tina.

  2. Wow, Tina this was so touching. Even at 1030pm this evening your love, light and peace penetrates my soul. Thank you for sharing this. Beautiful and radiant!! I feel soulful now! I love you!!

  3. Thank you my dear friend for sharing your serene radiance with us all. I am truly blessed to know you. I often feel the way that you felt this morning. And I experience this more and more. Thank you for sharing such vulnerable moment for you. I love and adore you. “I see you” beautiful woman. Namaste. Watching this video, ans sharing this yummy moment of oneness with you, is as powerful as sharing it with you in the moment. May every breath you take, breathe in all the pain, anguish, and suffering of humanity, transforming it into Divine Love, to be shared with all, with every out breathe. Sharing the expansiveness of your being, the love of your soul, and the magnificence of your being. For the highest vibration of all. And so it is. As I AM now! I love you <3

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