A Warrior’s Heart: The Promise

 I started Writing A Warrior’s Heart:  The Promise just over 2 years ago.  I wrote about 5 pages and then  I stopped. With out any real  reason, I just couldn’t seem to find the words.  Every-time I sat down to write, nothing manifested itself on to the pages.

Though  “THE PROMISE” was never far from my heart.  It was just that the words didn’t want to come.  Well last weekend Calgary, Alberta, Canada got pounded with a snow storm and I was stuck inside the house for the whole weekend.  Oops that’s a lie, I did go outside and shovel snow at least three separate times.

But, there was creative magic in being stuck inside that weekend  because I could do nothing besides, shovel snow, watch Netflix and write.  Let me tell you write is what I did!

It felt awesome to be in the magical world of Graham and Master Akio once again!

Stay Tuned!

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