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Characteristics Of A Warrior

Are you a person of action?

  • Do you have a strong sense of loyalty to those you trust or to causes you believe in?
  • Are you able to remain calm and rational, even in difficult circumstances?
  • Do you have good instincts that you are quick to follow?
  • Are you decisive?
  • Do you tend to watch and observe your surroundings carefully?
  • Are you tenacious in your desire to stick with a task until completion?

If You said yes to these questions, you may very well relate to the Warrior Archetype.

Every great civilization has a great warrior tradition and accompanying warrior myths. Tales of the legendary Spartans of the Mediterranean or the Samurai Warriors of Japan may come to mind when you think of a warrior; men who trained hard to be the protectors of their land. In more recent times, soldiers in the world wars might be considered our warriors.

Yet there is far more to the Warrior Archetype than the fighting skills required on the battlefield. A True Warrior is often reluctant to go into battle, not being motivated to fight for the sake of victory at all costs, but instead to defend what is just or right. Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela are excellent examples of our modern day warrior archetypes.  Willing to do whats right.

The gift of the warrior archetype is an outstanding amount of confidence and competence, courage and composure. When you are at your best as a warrior archetype, you harness aggression as the force that pushes you to compete to be the best and move forward toward your goals. Properly tapping into the Warrior’s energy provides you with an unsurpassable power source which will fuel you to reach your goals, fight for worthy causes, achieve greatness, and leave a lasting legacy.


Robert Moore says, “The characteristics of the warrior in his fullness amount to a total way of life, what the samurai called a do (pronounced ‘do’). These characteristics constitute the Warrior Dharma, Ma’at, or Tao, a spiritual or psychological path through life.”

Although the Warrior is recognized as a masculine archetype, women may also express the characteristics of a warrior. History has shown us female warriors such as Joan of Arc, the women of the 1970s fighting for equal rights and the Amazon Women. Today we see warrior femininity represented through characters like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Xena the Warrior Princess.

If you love to be challenged, want to rise to the top and be successful (without taking anyone else down), then the Spiritual Warrior Path is for you!

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