5 thoughts on “Feels like forever since my last Mood Shifter Day! Let’s see what comes out of the box today. Get your own set of mood shifter cards at shindao.com/store

  1. LOL…..Andy Rooney on 60 minutes did a fab piece with Crayons years ago. He said that each person in Russia was allowed one package from the west. His idea was that no one is unhappy when they get a 64 box of Crayola Crayons….so we should gift every citizen of Russia with a box of crayons and a sears Roebuck catalogue ( sears was big then ) and it would bring peace to the world and bring down the iron curtain. Talk about a Mood Shifter !! lol it cracked me up then, and your grasping the crayons reminded me of the joy in just being free. Free to colour ! ( and spell color with a U ! Colour ! )

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