Damn It! Hurry Up And Get Healthy

In my exuberance to do good. I overdid it! Again! 🙂 My blood type is O-. Regarding blood donations, I am considered a universal blood donor. Lucky me.! 🙂 I donated to often based on my recover speed and activity levels!

I have since discovered my father has iron issues too, darn genetics.

So the bottom line I self-inflicted myself with low iron levels and with that my energy levels and stamina went out the window. Meaning I stopped running. It took a while to get this health issue sort this out. Once I got it all sorted out what was going on, my body has responded to iron supplements, thank goodness!. But it has been a freaking slow process.

During my recovery, I would go for a run with my running partner and all I could manage was to run 2 – 3 km’s and that was it. I would need a couple of hour nap right afterwards.

I am now up to running 7 km with at least two days between runs and no need to nap! Which frustrates the hell out of me. As I enjoy running and want to go every day if not every second day. But like anything, I need to be thankful and recognize the progress I have made.

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