June 17, 2020 Living from the Heart Episode 42 with guest, Deepa Liu

Be fascinated by the Sacred portal paintings created by Deepa Liu, Tina Thrussell’s guest on the #LivingFromTheHeart show. Deepa is not only a sacred artist, but also an interfaith minister, a spiritual success coach and co-founder of Magnify Your Miracles membership. Be blessed by the Divine Presence that comes through this Buddhist Yogi’s paintings Wed morning, Jun 17th at 9am Mtn.

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7 thoughts on “June 17, 2020 Living from the Heart Episode 42 with guest, Deepa Liu

  1. I am very excited to have you on the show Deepa Denise Liu I thank Frances Fayden for introducing you and your beautiful portal paintings to me! Ariana Rose Brackenbury this is the link you’ve been waiting for!

  2. I am so glad I caught this today!! I recently heard there are 2 real emotions… love and fear. That’s the third time I’ve heard this in 2 weeks… the universe is talking to me. Thanks for sharing the universes message you two. This was just what I needed today. Love is the answer! I will be following Deepalui.com!

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