Faith and Trust

I would like to introduce you to my friend Enoch. Most of you that know me, know I love social media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc…. I love connecting with the world.

In June, I decided to accept all legitimate friend requests that I received for the month. When I got a friend request from a young man in Africa. I was suspicious as many North Americans have received numerous email scams from rich Nigerian Prince’s looking to give away money.

When you have faith and trust, you can’t go wrong. Enoch turned out to a wonderful addition to my daily conversation circles. He is everything I cherish in a long distant friendship, curious, polite and willing to share.

My Name is Enock Sagero, A Kenyan Citizen, I was brought forth by birth in the year 1996. I grew up in a humble background possessing and enjoying good health and vigorous mentality. I started the process of acquiring knowledge well from nursery school to class/grade 8 by then and sat for my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in the year 2011. I passed my exams well and I was admitted to Kakamega High School in the year 2012. I had a powerful compelling love towards Education and schooling. The strong amorous desire, love and ardour towards school stirred my ability to work in school and through tremendous effort, I succeeded. I did my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in the year 2015 completing 8-4 (grade 12) system of education.

My dream to pursue higher education was still alive, after the release of my KCSE, I joined Moi University in the year 2017 to pursue a Bachelor degree in Agriculture Science. From there, things never worked as expected since my family was able to help pay for my education due to poverty so I deferred my course.

I took another alternative in the capital city (Nairobi), I started teaching in a private school so that I could raise money and support myself to finish my studies. Apart from teaching I also indulged in an extracurricular activity, s football (soccer to North Americans).

I joined one of the football clubs where I was given a number (made the team) to be their player. Unfortunately on 9th February 2020 while playing I was injured and broke my right leg.

Extreme turmoil started in my life journey as I was unable to immediately raise money to cater to my hospital bills since hospitals in Kenya are very expensive. I struggled to get the money from well-wishers, friends, eventually, the struggle was not in vain. I ended up raising funds to proceed with my leg surgery.

It is my belief that every soul deserves to come and enjoy the serenity and blissful environment, of Kenya, my motherland, a country with a unique culture and raw beauty. Come experience a wildlife preserve, a center of attraction for many western countries, it’s culture and physical features.

Even though there is Covid-19 pandemic, we hope for the best and I’m optimistic that one-day things will be back to normalcy and we shall enjoy smiling together. blessings

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