Instant Manifestation

by Tina Thrussell

Are you experiencing the level or speed of manifestation that you would like in your life?  If not, take a look at your level of faith, the amount of love and open-heartedness you carry. I firmly believe that the depth of your faith and trust in a higher power is directly correlated with the speed with which you manifest.

Let me explain how I came to this conclusion…

I recently came across an old article I wrote in February of 2013:

“Last week I was in the shower, having a serious conversation with SoA (Source of All – my name for God/Creator/whatever name you use), intent on clarifying my direction. I held a very strong feeling of surrender as I said out loud, “OK, SoA. I need you to help me out here. If I am really meant to continue doing these healing sessions one-on-one for people, then I need you to give me a sign. If you want me to do this, you’ve got to send me a new client within the next 7 days. If someone doesn’t show up, then I’m going to walk away from this.” I knew in my heart that I truly was surrendered to whatever message SoA (God) would give me.

It honestly wasn’t more than 45 minutes later that the phone rang. “Hi.  My name is Jay and I won a gift certificate at a silent auction for a HAAL session with Woman that Dances with Light…” 

Wow! I guess the Universe really wants me to do this! I was incredulous. I expected an answer, but certainly not that quickly! 

It’s an indication to me of how quickly things are changing, how fast consciousness is evolving, how much thinner the ‘veil’ between this material world and the spirit world is.

Based on my own experiences, and from the discussions I’ve held with others, people who are willing to have total faith that there is a greater source of good – an energy of pure Divine Love that is the Source of All that is – are being granted faster manifestation of our hearts desires and answers to our questions. In addition, we find it easier to believe there is hope for humankind to eventually live in peace and harmony. All it takes is faith and belief in the power of love.

In this article, I went on to express my gratitude for the fast manifestation, the very quick response to my question in the form of a phone call from Jay booking her session. That call led to a domino of circumstances that’s had a major impact on my life, and the lives of many others.

Shortly after that phone call, I received an invitation to facilitate healing sessions at the Silver Cove Gem & Mineral Show in Lacombe. Having just received a clear message that I was to continue in this role as Spiritual Healer, I quickly agreed to be a facilitator at the event. 

With each client who showed up on my massage table for an ‘Energy Tune-up’, my confidence was bolstered. The outcomes of each successive session seemed to become more and more impactful as I listened more carefully to the guidance from Higher Sources in these sessions.

One woman from Lethbridge who came to see me was so impressed by her session that to this day, seven years later, she still comes to see me for healing sessions whenever she is in Calgary!  She is not only a ‘client’, she has become a very good friend and we have shared many marvelous experiences over the years, from walks in the park, to dinner out, to the wonderful energy dance we share in her Shin Dao sessions. This has been a wonderful gift from that moment I had the faith to ask for a sign.

After those successful weekends in Lacombe, I was encouraged to share my gifts with more people, so Neil converted the guest bedroom in our home into a healing room. From there I made the decision to become a certified Sound Wellness Practitioner to add to the level of effectiveness of each session I facilitate.

Since that day in 2013 when I put my total faith and trust in the higher power, I have become an even more surrendered Transceiver – an open receiver/transmitter for Energies, Information and Resources for those who to come to me. The healing sessions have evolved, and many people have benefited.

Such a wonderful domino of outcomes from a simple question with the faith and trust that manifested a quick answer! 

So I ask you again, are you experiencing the level or speed of manifestation that you would like in your life?  If not, take a look at your level of faith, the amount of love and open-heartedness you carry.

I now open my heart wider, and place more faith and trust in the Universe, with the request that those who would benefit from the state of peace, calm and relaxation we create in a Shin Dao session (this state is necessary to facilitate self-healing) are guided to work with me. May those who want to experience the beautiful energy dance we share in Safe and Sacred Space find their way to me.

May those who are looking for clarity and guidance/direction for their lives…

Those who are seeking relief from pain – physical pain, or emotional and mental pains such as grief, anxiety or depression…

Those who long to feel energized, calmer, lighter, peaceful, relaxed and content…

May they – you!? – be inspired to reach out and book a session.

May those, like Yvonne, Angie, Patricia… (you!?) who understand the value of regular maintenance to maintain their well-being (tune-ups that ensure they feel balanced and stay healthy) be inspired to book a series of sessions.

As Patricia said to me after her fourth Shin Dao Session, “You know, I have to be honest. I almost cancelled my appointment with you. I was feeling pretty good and wondered what would be the point in seeing you. But then I thought it’s like going for a walk when you don’t want to. You always feel better after the walk and are glad you went. I feel better after every session with you. You always work such magic! And I always learn something new from you in every session.”

Having placed my request, I surrender and trust that those who are a beautiful match for these wonderful healing experiences will connect with me….

I also trust that if you know anyone who would like to manifest healing, relief, peace, and a lightness of being, you’ll pass along my phone number 403-285-5266 or booking link on our website here.

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