Relax, Breathe, Be

How crazy does this seem? We announced, in our Aug 18th issue of Heart and Mind Matters, that with renewed enthusiasm, we are committed to sharing the life-enhancing principles of the Shin Dao – the Way of the Heart in a bigger way. We committed to offering you more books, programs, and even more life-enhancing experiences. Now, here we are announcing that we’re going on a three-week vacation!

It’s not as crazy as it seems, since our vacation is a chance to renew ourselves personally… to relax, be in nature, breathe and BE. We want to walk our talk, and engage in self-care so that we feel full and can share from our overflow.

This vacation time will also prepare us to be the best we can be professionally… to examine, dream, brainstorm and plan the additional ways we can bring the magic of life into other people’s lives through the Shin Dao – the Way of the Heart.

We’ll be open to receiving answers to a lot of questions: What books can we write? What programs can we create? What services can we offer to enhance people’s quality of life? How can we build a bigger, stronger, more supportive community?

We intend to get energized about what we need to do, and even more clear about how we need to be, in order to fulfill the Best U Can B promise to help you Stop longing and and Start Living!

Watch for our passionate return mid-September… and be ready to receive more resources and greater love from us than ever before!

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