Have you tried a Green Prescription?

A share from Tina Thrussell (and her friend, Susanne)

I never thought I’d see the day, but apparently some doctors are now issuing Green Prescriptions!

What’s a Green Prescription? It’s a prescription to get outdoors and be in nature to experience natural healing!

As one of our dear friends, Susanne Alexander-Heaton, creator of the “Wild About Nature Challenges” recently shared in her most recent issue of her newsletter, Motivated by Nature….

“This has been a rough year. There is something that is happening for everyone and it is called decision fatigue. There are so many little decisions, that individuals are overwhelmed when they have to make big decisions.

Please share this with every young person you know to help them make sense of all they are feeling right now.

This just hits home for me that it is more important now than ever to get outdoors to tap into the healing that nature provides naturally for our mental, physical and emotional well-being. A recent study proved that you can literally walk off a bad mood! Going for a brisk 30 minute walk actually worked better for moods than taking an anti-depressant. That is one powerful prescription without any nasty side effects!

As well, we need to do everything we can to boost our immunity. Nature provides this so beautifully. Phytoncides (scientific speak for essential oils) are what plants and trees produce to ward off insects. When we breath in these phytoncides, it helps to boost a type of white blood cell called Natural Born Killer cells (NBK). The NBK cells attack cancers and viruses. May you gift yourself time in nature to boost your immunity, naturally.

Reading this was an amazing affirmation that my decision to start offering Shin Dao (Heart Way) healing sessions in the Great Outdoors was an intuitive stroke of genius! I have always known that getting outdoors is healing for body, mind and spirit… and there is more scientific evidence being presented every day to support this.

(Our blog on the first Shin Dao Tenet, Connect with the Earth offers even more of this scientific evidence.)

If you want to boost your immune system, combine time in Nature with the support of a powerful healing facilitator! Check out this link

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