Better sleep, More Peace

by Tina Thrussell

Want to sleep better? Feel more at peace? Be more patient in life?

Try ‘sitting’ with me!

Many people say, “I can’t meditate, I’ve tried and my mind just won’t stop!” I was one of those people. I fought the idea of sitting still for years. Then one day I stopped resisting and committed to sitting daily, even for a few minutes. And I discovered I’d been missing the point.

‘Sitting on the cushion’ (as some people fondly refer to meditation) is not about stopping your mind from racing – although that is a wonderful side effect of meditating! – the point of meditation is to slow down, to pause, to let your nervous system rest, relax and repair.

I have personally found guided zen meditation to be a very effective way to slow down, to sleep better, to be more peaceful throughout my day. I feel more grounded after I meditate. I have more patience. I sleep better, my digestive system works more efficiently.

Life is easier when I meditate. I am healthier – physically, mentally and emotionally. (There are many scientific reasons for why that is, that I won’t bother to get into here).

Recently, I registered for an on-line group mediation. I couldn’t believe I was doing it. I thought, “Really? I’m going to register to sit in my healing room with a bunch of strangers on zoom?” But something compelled me to go ahead and register. Maybe it was the awareness that I had fallen away from my daily meditation routine. I knew deep down that registering for a class would be the accountability I needed to get back on the cushion.

It worked! The very first day, after the 30 minute session, I thought “Ah, yes. I’d forgotten how good this feels!” I’m back into the habit of sitting daily and feeling more peaceful and calm because of it. I’m sleeping better, too!

Me being me, whenever I experience something wonderful I want to share it. So, I’ve decided to host a pre-Christmas Zen Experience. A night-time slow-down that will help everyone who participates (including me) to wind down and be more relaxed before going to bed.

Sleep better. Feel more at peace. Be more patient.

Join me for the 7 day Pre-sleep Zen Experience.

You can register here

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