Spiritual Guidance & Insights… dirt cheap!

By Tina Thrussell

On April 9, Neil sent out a special email to our Heart and Mind Subscribers offering my mini-ISGI readings for $20.00.  I was a bit taken aback, since I’ve never done a reading for just $20 before!

Wowee! What a gift that turned out to be! It’s actually been awhile since I focused on doing readings for anyone, and I’d forgotten what a wonderful experience these readings are – both for me and for the recipient! Over and over again I was told they received great guidance and/or amazing affirmation of their intended direction. This was reassuring for them, and fulfilling for me.

It’s also so interesting that advice that comes through for the recipient is so often guidance/advice that I can apply in my own life, as well! Messages have covered everything from ways to deal with anxiety and depression to affirmations about a person’s strengths, and advice about moving forward with changes or dealing with financial situations.

One person who had a reading last week also experiences Shin Dao sessions with me, and said, “I always feel supported and well served by my sessions with you.”

I feel humbled and blessed to have this gift of being a Transceiver – a Receiver/Transmitter of Information, Energy and Resources others. It is honoring to be called into service in this way.

I am grateful to Neil for taking the initiative to make this offer… He inadvertently re-awakened my love of doing this.

I now pray that more people will venture into receiving the gifts and wonderful benefits that come through these ISGI ( Intuitive Spiritual Guidance and Insights ) readings sessions… and my healing Shin Dao sessions.

To encourage You to give this a try, I am offering another Special Offer… of only $27.00 for a $45 (20 minutes) reading! You must book by April 23 for this price.

Whether you have a specific question/topic you want addressed, or are simply curious/ intrigued about what may come forward in a reading, please contact me directly at 403-860-7311 or book a session on our website here.

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