Do You Suffer from a Busy Mind?

A couple of weeks ago, while facilitating a Book Guidance* session for my sage friend Allan, he shared with me the words I captured in the image above, “Calm the Body and the Mind will Follow; Calm the Mind and the Body will Follow.” Such a simple, yet truthfully profound statement!

My own personal experience has shown me the truth of Allan’s statement. When my mind is racing, I might do some mindfulness breathing techniques to calm my mind and I’ll feel my body relaxing. Or I might choose to do some yoga postures to help relax my body, and my mind calms down.

You may have experienced this for yourself, but not consciously thought about it, . Have you ever had a massage to relax your body and then noticed how much quieter your mind is after? Have you ever sat and meditated and then realized that your body feels more relaxed?

Try this simple 1:2 breathing technique. Notice how busy your mind is (or isn’t) and notice how tense or relaxed your body feels. Now take a long, slow breath into your belly, hold it a second or two, and take twice as long to exhale. Do this entire process at least four times. Do you notice any difference in your body or mind state?

Sometimes when I feel restless, I will dance or go for a walk to burn off some energy, so that my body can calm down and my mind can rest again. Or I’ll stand outside with my bare feet on the earth, or I’ll sit in my healing room and play my Tibetan singing bowl for awhile. In a very short time, my body relaxes and my mind becomes quieter.

The end result is I am calmer and more able to cope with the challenges of life. It’s easier to settle down and do the things I need to get done so that I have more time to play!

What a different world this would be if everyone were consciously aware of this mind-body connection and took steps to remain calmer in body and mind! Everyone would be less stressed, less agitated and anxious, more peaceful and relaxed. And from this relaxed state, people would be healthier, too.

How so? It’s a fact that the body must be in a relaxed state in order to heal from the everyday stressors of life.

This is what I love so much about the Sound Wellness practices I use in my healing Shin Dao sessions. Sound is a very natural, powerful tool to calm your mind and relax your body, so that your body can heal as it is meant to.

And there are so many wonderful sound tools that we can play with, : immune boosting tuning forks, the calming Tibetan singing bowl that almost instantly calms people’s bodies and minds, the delightful tinkling of the fairy-like songpod that always brings a smile to people’s faces, the soothing Koshi chimes (that often transport people to peaceful ‘other places’ for a few moments), and we can even use our own voices to release energy blocks, to promote energetic alignment and healing.

Of course, it’s not only the sound tools that help people relax in my Shin Dao sessions. Energy work and intuitive guidance also play a role… and the results are always delightful. Everyone who visits my healing room (and even those who enjoy a session through zoom) always says they feel more peaceful, ‘lighter’, calmer, and more relaxed.

Calming your body and mind not only makes you feel good, , it can help improve sleep, reduce anxiety, bring greater peace and calm into your life… and all this contributes to being healthier and therefore being able to enjoy life more!

Thank you, Allan, for reminding us of this simple but profound concept – whether you calm your body, or calm your mind, the other will follow, and you will definitely reap the benefits of a happier, healthier life!

In love and light,

Tina Thrussell

P.S.  I would be honored to engage in the beautiful energy dance of a healing Shin Dao session to help you relax your body and mind, to bring you to a state of grounded peacefulness, to make you feel ‘lighter’ and more able to cope with the stresses of the world, and even to relieve pain.

You’ll definitely feel better and will walk away from your Shin Dao session with a smile on your face.

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You’ll also walk away with action steps (perhaps I’ll teach you some mindfulness techniques, or some other ‘tricks’ you can continue to use) to help you STAY in this wonderful state, so that your session continues to provide you with favourable results.

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