Neil Peru

A Warrior’s Quest

We are firm believers that every Warrior needs, and must undertake many Quests in their life time. It is also our belief that a Warrior’s first Quest needs to be to the Quest to the find the answers to the first two of the five basic questions of life: 

  1. Who am I?
  2. Why am I here? Why must the Warrior undertake this Quest? Because a Warrior MUST be absolute in their resolve in their understanding of who they are and why are they here; once a Warrior knows who they are and who they are not, their path becomes clearer.  Simplicity is one of the Warrior’s greatest strengths, so as a Warrior you must develop and learn to use this strength! 

    Here are the other 3 questions that we all face over the course of our lifetime:
  3. Where did I come from?
  4. Where am I going?
  5. What is the true nature and purpose of life? 

The path each Warrior undertakes is as unique and individual as each Warrior that undertakes the Quest.  The only constant is that each Warrior will at some point in their life be drawn to undertake and understand fully the five basic questions of life.

Each Warrior’s Path is Different.

Leading to their understanding of the five basic questions of life.

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