De-Stress with Tina Complimentary Videos

Welcome! Below are your complimentary movement videos to improve your physical, mental and emotional health!

Get your body moving, your mind engaged and your spirit uplifted!!

Before you click on any of the videos below, please watch this short “how to move safely” video. Thank you.

My short “Magic Mood Shifter” video features a simple 1 minute activity called “The Breath of Joy” (created and taught to me by my good friend, Denise Morier) that will oxygenate your body and mind and help you feel good quickly!

Experience a 5 minute version of “The BrainDance” with me!
Developed by Anne Green Gilbert, The BrainDance is a pattern of eight movements that reorganize your central nervous system to either wake up or calm down.
The BrainDance can be used as a warm-up for sports, exercise or dance; before tests, performances and presentations; after sitting for long periods of time, or during computer work and TV watching, for brain reorganization, recuperation and oxygenation, a centering body/brain warm-up, and to wake up or calm down. A handy tool that can be used on a daily basis, The BrainDance can be as little as 5 minutes or as much as half an hour.

A 30 minute, gentle “Dancing with Tina” routine that I recorded many years ago (who knew it would be so valuable today!?!)  that is likely to help you relax. When danced after your evening meal, this dance routine can help you sleep better at night.

If you find value and experience joy moving to these videos, you may want more!

Please consider becoming a member of my De-Stress with Tina Membership site.

My De-Stress with Tina Membership site is the website you can rely on whenever you need an uplift, are feeling stressed, need a mood shift, or want to get in shape while having fun.

De-Stress Member Site info

In the membership site you will find links to an array of videos that will be appealing to people of all ages – from small children to the elderly, alike.

Not only are there videos to get you up and moving, there are guided meditation audios to help you unwind, relax and return to inner peace.

To stay Centered and Healthy in these challenging times, I invite you to click through and sign up for the De-Stress with Tina Membership site right now!

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As a member of this site, you’ll have unlimited access to:

  • Whole-body dance fitness routines to dance along with to connect mind, body and spirit (Based on the principles of Nia)
  • A variety of variations of The BrainDance to rewire your central nervous system to improve focus, balance, coordination, memory and performance
  • Audio files of beautiful guided meditations created specifically for the Members of the De-Stress with Tina Member Site.
De-Stress Member Site info

Who is Tina?

Why would you want to engage with my video and audio recordings?

I have a long list of achievements spanning the nearly 57 years I have been on this big, blue planet, (see partial list below), yet the most important thing to know about me is that I attempt to do everything with LOVE. As a messenger of the Shin Dao – the Way of the Heart, my motivation for living is to bring greater peace, love, compassion and joy into the world.

And I created these videos to help you enhance your quality of life.

More about me:

The accomplishments I have that are relevant to this Member site include:

  • I hold a Nia Brown Belt and have been teaching Nia (barefoot dance-based movement to uplifting music that connects body, mind and spirit) for 13 years (tho I’ve been dancing since I could walk!)
  • I was gifted the title of Spiritual Healer by the Universal Life Church in 2017. (I consider myself a receiver/transmittor for energies, information and resources form Higher Sources).
  • I received my certification as a Sound Wellness Practitioner in 2020 (tho I first began using this beautiful healing modality in 2011) adn regularly use sound to help people facilitate their healing (physical, mental and emotional) in my Shin Dao Healing Sessions.
  • I have been a Workshop/Seminar/Retreat Facilitator, (both for Best U Can B Inc, and as a presenter at numerous conferences, conventions, PD Days, etc) since 2013. The range of topics has been fairly extensive, but all with a self-awareness and consciousness theme.

I am delighted to share my love of dance, my knowledge, my gifts and talents with you through the De-Stress with Tina Member Site and look forward to moving with you very soon!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on my cell phone at 403-860-7311.