The Power Of Manifestation

Your Thoughts And Energy Create Your Reality

When something goes wrong, you can choose to let it completely ruin your day, or move on and focus on the good things happening instead.

Each thought we have creates a series of events that form in its likeness. So if your energy is negative, you’ll attract negative experiences. If you send out happy and confident energy, that’s what you’ll receive in return.

Of course, this is easier said than done! But luckily there are strategies and exercises that can help you organize your thoughts in a way that can get you a little closer to the life you want to live. During this email series, our goal is to help bridge the gap between the lofty and sometimes intimidating concepts of the “law of attraction” and small things you can do every day to improve your life.

All you have to do is opt-in and think positive thoughts!

Meet Neil & Tina Thrussell, The Leader of The Power of Manifestation Email Series!

Tina and Neil

Tina and Neil believe everyone, especially You, have a life purpose. We also believe you were born to fulfill that purpose. You may not know what that purpose is right now, at this very moment, but trust us, you were born to live it!

We also believe that there are many ways to live your life. Our personal path is sharing the Shin Dao (The Way Of The Heart)

Think It, Feel It, Believe It!

When you surround yourself with the images, thoughts, and feelings that build you up and block out negativity, you’ll start attracting the type of reality that you’ve always desired – one full of true happiness. I want you to understand that “reality” as you see it, is formed by the unique lens you put on it.

Once you learn how to train your thoughts to be more positive and less negative, your feelings and behaviors will follow. From there, your actions and reactions will shift your personality, and the scope of the world around you will be altered. Reality as you know it will become something much different than anything your negative self could imagine.

We feel passionate that if you set meaningful and mindful intentions, you’ll reap the results of a positive reality. But in order to actually see the process all the way through, and form your thoughts into fruition, you’ve got to believe in yourself. Allow us to explain the process with this powerful resource.

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