Feel Good! Complimentary Videos

Feel Energized and full of Enthusiasm!


Be Healthy and Full of Vitality!


Have Fun! 

Wouldn’t you love to have more energy to do what you want to do?
 (For example, keep up with your children/grandchildren!)

That’s what moving to these complimentary videos will do for you…
improve your physical, mental and emotional health.

Get your body moving, your mind engaged and
your spirit uplifted!!


Before you click on any of the videos below, please watch this short “how to move safely” video. Thank you.


Three minutes of Joy! Dance with me to the uplifting, instrumental song “Electric Daisy Violin” by Linsday Stirling.

A FUN way to Lift your Spirits and Boost your Health, enjoy this Magic Mood Shifter – laughter yoga. This is just one of the many Magic Mood Shifters available in either the Box or Bag of Mood Shifters available on the Store at www.bestucanb.ca and in the membership site.


Develop Co-ordination, Memory, Balance – and have Fun! – as I guide you through a 5+minute version of this pattern of eight movements that reorganize your central nervous system. The BrainDance, developed by Anne Green Gilbert, can be used as a warm-up for sports, exercise or dance; before tests, performances and presentations; after sitting for long periods of time, or during computer work and TV watching; for brain reorganization, recuperation and oxygenation; a centering body/brain Warm-up, and to Wake up or Calm down. A handy tool that can be used on a daily basis.


A Fun, half hour dance routine to uplifting music, good for all ages, and all fitness levels. You’ll feel more Energized, yet Relaxed after dancing this routine. You’ll likely Sleep Better, too.


You’ll have fun and feel good after participating with me in these videos.

And if you’d like more…

  • More Magic Mood Shifters to Lift your Spirits so you feel Happier in a matter of minutes

  • More versions of the BrainDance to Improve your Balance, Coordination, and Memory so you feel more Focused, have more Clarity and are more Productive

  • More dance routines (from 20 mins to 1 hour in length, with differing focuses) to Have Fun and Get Fit, and potentially experience greater Body Acceptance

  • PLUS guided audio meditations to help you Unwind, Relax, and Experience Inner Peace

  • PLUS Wisdom from the Heart transmissions to bring you Comfort, Wisdom, and Guidance for living with more Joy and Fulfillment in your life
  • PLUS personalized One-on-One healing Shin Dao (Heart Way) sessions to ensure you remain Balanced and Calm, feeling Lighter, Clearer and full of Vitality.

Become a Feel Good member!

Experience my Feel Good membership site with its rich array of feel-good audio and video recordings (and optional live connection with my soothing energy, enthusiasm and joy!) that will appeal to people of all ages, from small children to the elderly, alike.

Flexibility and Choice! Two levels of offerings within the Feel Good membership site:

While both levels in this site are a great place to come to when:
* you are feeling stressed and want to calm down,
* need a mood shift to feel lighter and happier,
* want to get in shape while having fun…

the Deeper Well-Being level takes you deeper into your life with greater Self-love, Self-Acceptance, Inner Peace and Joy.

Level 2 – Deeper Well-being

Well-being is more than the absence of illness or disease. Well-being is a state of wholeness, when your body is healthy, your mind is alert and functioning well, you live with a sense of purpose in your life and an uplifted spirit. You have more ‘good days’ than ‘bad days. You feel that ‘everything is alright’ and life is good (most of the time – life does have its inevitable ups and downs).

If you desire this sense of Wholeness in your life, you may want to consider becoming a Deeper Well-Being member. You understand that feeling healthy and whole doesn’t magically happen, and you need to take Preventative Action. You are willing to invest time in your Health and Well-being.

Choosing to invest in yourself through this level of membership will reward you with unlimited access to a rich array of Iife-enhancing recordings that offer you pro-active resources to ensure you stay on a path of well-being. …

In addition to ALL the recordings on the Feel Good membership site, you also receive a personalized One-on-One personal guidance/healing session with me each month, where I act as a Transceiver for Energy, Information and Resources specifically for you. Within Safe and Sacred Space, I lovingly receive and share with you what you need in the moment to heal, find peace, and serenity.

As a Deeper Well-Being member you’ll also receive, within your One-on-One sessions, Sound Wellness, that help you Relax (it’s like a massage with sound!) and provide the most natural way to Restore Balance to your body, mind and spirit, with supportive sounds, such as tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, Koshi chime, songpod and voice.

These One-on-One sessions may bring forward Insights about Your Self, Your Life, Your Life Purpose, as well as ensure you remain Balanced and Calm, feeling Lighter, Clearer and full of Vitality.

In our healing session, I noticed Tina has a unique way to be comfortable and be in the moment with whatever she’s feeling intuitively. She follows this through in an easy, incredible way, always in a desire to be in service towards her client.
She is very different from typical spiritual practitioners, as she lives from the question, rather than from the answer to open up the possibilites in people’s lives.
I can easily recommend her sweet, fun and sincere sessions, certain that anyone in her presence comes away with a lighter heart and perhaps a few more things to think about.

-Astrid Ritz

If this regular monthly support appeals to you, click the button below for more information:

In addition to these One-on-One sessions, you receive unlimited access to all the Wisdom from the Heart Transmissions (messages I receive from Source) to take you Deeper into Living from your Heart, with greater Self-acceptance and Self-love.

And of course, you ALSO have unlimited access to all the recordings that are found within the basic level Feel Good membership listed below

PLUS additional dance videos and guided audio meditation recordings created specifically for you, as a Deeper Well-Being member.

If this Deeper Well-Being membership appeals to you, click on the button below for more information:

Basic Level – Feel Good

As a Feel Good member, you will have access to most of the dance videos, all the Magic Mood Shifter videos, and several Guided meditation recordings:

  • Dance videos of varying lengths, with different focuses, to help you Stay Fit, Have Fun and experience the Joy of Movement.
    Move with me to Connect your mind, body, and spirit, Boost your Immune System, develop your Strength and Coordination, and foster Body Acceptance.
  • Variations of the Fun BrainDance to rewire your central nervous system for Improved Balance, Memory and Co-ordination. Follow along to Improve Focus before demanding tasks, and feel more Alert.
  • Magic Mood Shifter videos – short, simple activities to Uplift your Spirits. Engage with me to to Feel Happier within minutes.
  • Audio files of beautiful Guided meditations, with soothing music and verbal guidance that I recorded specifically to bring you to a state of Peace, Calm down, and Relaxation. Listen to fee more Grounded and Centered.

Unlimited to access to all this for
less than $20 per month!!

The Feel Good membership provides you with unlimited to access to this rich array of recordings, ensuring you have access to sufficient recordings to Enjoy Variety in your month and receive all the Wonderful Health Benefits (mental, emotional and physical) and the Fun of participating in these activities for a smaller investment.

Of course, you’ll be missing out on the powerful One-on-One sessions and the Wisdom from the Heart Transmissions and the extra dance videos and guided meditations that are available in the Deeper Well-Being membership, yet even with the Feel Good membership you will be taking a marvelous step towards feeling more Vibrant, Healthy, and Whole.

I invite you to stay Centered and Balanced in these challenging times, through the Feel Good Membership site, if it feels right for you. Click the blue button that takes you into the level of self-care you’re ready for.

To recap, both membership levels include:

  • Whole-body dance fitness routines to dance along with to Connect mind, body, and spirit, Boost your Immune System, develop your Strength and Coordination, and foster Body Acceptance (Based on the principles of Nia).
  • Variations of The BrainDance to rewire your central nervous system to Improve Focus, Balance, Coordination, Memory, and Performance… and have Fun!
  • Magic Mood Shifters – simple activities to Uplift your Spirits to Feel Joyful within minutes.
  • Audio files of beautiful guided meditations created specifically for the Members of the De-Stress with Tina Member Site to bring you to a state of Peace, Calm and Relaxation.

The Deeper Well-Being membership also includes:

  • More dance videos to experience Greater Fitness and More Fun.
  • More guided meditations for greater Inner Peace.
  • Wisdom from the Heart transmissions to take you Deeper into Living from your Heart, with greater Self-acceptance and Self-love.
  • Your customized One-on-One Shin Dao (Way of the Heart) personal guidance/healing sessions each month with custom guidance and Sound Wellness, to feel Centered, Lighter and full of Vitality and potentially receive Insights about Your Self, Your Life, and Your Life Purpose.

Regardless of which level of membership you choose, any time of day or night, I’m here for you through this site.

Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Call me at 403-285-5266 (landline).
I’d LOVE to chat with you!

Who is Tina, Woman Who Dances with Light?

Why would you want to engage with my video and audio recordings or experience One-on-One sessions with me?

I have a long list of achievements spanning the nearly 57 years I have been on this big, blue planet, (see partial list below), yet the most important thing to know about me is that I attempt to do everything with LOVE.

Here’s what people say:

“I love the way Tina is so connected, and the insights that came through during my sessions with her. After each one, I felt more grounded, and yet lighter at the same time. She gave me specific things I could do at home to make my own journey better, calmer, and more tuned in. It really is difficult to put into words all the things you get from a session with Tina, the best thing you can do is have one yourself!”
-Andrea Jones, Personal and Business Coach

“I spent an amazing hour with Tina in a Shin Dao session. I had no idea what to expect but after meeting Tina and reading many of her articles I knew it was something that spoke to me and I was drawn to her… By the end of our session I knew that I had to allow myself to think and feel what I’d suppressed and was so thankful that Tina had given me an opening to do so.
Thank you Tina for all the light and love that you share in this world. Peace be with you always.”
With love and gratitude, Virginia Frampton

I will facilitate Your Shin Dao sessions with as much love and care as I offered these women. As a messenger of the Shin Dao – the Way of the Heart, my motivation for living is to bring greater peace, love, compassion and joy into the world.

And I created these recordings with love and care to bring greater peace, love, compassion and joy into Your life. Enjoy!

In case you need to know more, here is my info relevant to this Member site:

I hold a Nia Brown Belt and have been teaching Nia (barefoot dance-based movement to uplifting music that connects body, mind, and spirit) for 13 years (tho I’ve been dancing since I could walk!)

I was gifted the title of Spiritual Healer by the Universal Life Church in 2017. (I consider myself a receiver/transmittor for energies, information and resources from Higher Sources).

I received my certification as a Sound Wellness Practitioner in 2020 (tho I first began using this beautiful healing modality in 2011) and regularly use sound to help people facilitate their healing (physical, mental and emotional) in my Shin Dao Healing Sessions.

I have been a Workshop/Seminar/Retreat/Women’s Circle Facilitator, (both for Best U Can B Inc, and as a presenter at numerous conferences, conventions, PD Days, etc) since 2013. The range of topics has been fairly extensive, but all with a self-awareness and consciousness theme.

I am delighted to share my love of dance, my knowledge, my gifts and talents with you through this Feel Good Membership Site and look forward to moving with you very soon!

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you simply need to talk to someone who will really listen to you, feel free to call me on our land line at 403-285-5266.

Have more energy to en