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Feel Energized and Full of Enthusiasm!
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If you’re feeling the stress of the current situation, feeling the strain of being confined to your home, of feeling isolated either as an individual or with your family (Because heaven knows, being with family members 24/7 can make you stir crazy!!)…

This site can help you relieve the stress, and feel some Joy again!

Here you have complimentary access to a few videos that you can use on a daily basis to keep your body moving (which is so important to keep your immune system strong!), to get your mind engaged (so you are free from worry about the state of the world), and raise your spirits (so you feel good!)


And who am I? I am Tina Thrussell (Woman Who Dances with Light), enthusiastic lover of life! My mission is to enhance people’s quality of life through interactive experiences… and that’s what you will find here in this “De-Stress with Tina” site.

If you want to know more about me, you may scroll to the bottom of this page.


This is the place to come for relief, the site to click on when you feel a desire to return to Joy.

This is the website you can rely on whenever you need an uplift, are feeling stressed, need a mood shift, or want to get in shape while having fun.

These are videos to get you up and moving!
To boost your immune system, to keep you centered and healthy in these challenging times.

Click the blue button below and enjoy one – or all – of the videos described below right now … they are all complimentary!

  1. A 30 minute fun “Dancing with Tina” routine that may help you feel more relaxed and sleep better.
  2. A version of “The BrainDance” – a pattern of eight movements that reorganize your central nervous system to either wake up or calm down.
  3. A short “Magic Mood Shifter” video featuring a simple 1 minute activity called “laughter yoga” to help you feel more alert and joyful.

There are no strings attached. These videos are here for your enjoyment.