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Here your Whole Family can Feel Good again!

I want to gift you with this collection of follow-along videos with easy activities to:

  • Shift Moods/Attitudes
  • Stay Healthy
  • Get Fit while having Fun
  • Boost Focus and Concentration
  • Improve Performance


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  • keep your body moving  to keep your immune system strong!
  • get your mind engaged to be free from worry about the state of the world
  • raise your spirits so you feel good!

Who am I? I am Tina Thrussell (Woman Who Dances with Light), enthusiastic lover of life!

My mission is to enhance people’s quality of life through interactive experiences… and that’s what you will find here in this “Feel Good” site.

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Whenever you need Relief from Stress, an Uplift, a Mood Shift, or want to Get in Shape while having Fun…     Feel the Joy!Come back to these Feel Good videos.