Freedom Field Activations

For Healers & Empaths

As a Healer, do you protect yourself when you work with clients?

As an Empath must you shield yourself when you go out in public?

Forget that nonsense!

There has been a grave misunderstanding of what the word Protection means.

If you are a Healer or / and an Empath (see definition below), you’ve likely been told you must engage in some form of protection / shielding, so that you don’t take on other people’s energy.

Believing that you require a shield to protect yourself from others’ energies is a fear based belief. How can we, as humans, possibly create a world based in kindness, compassion, harmony and love when we are operating from a place of fear?

Rather than being afraid of each other’s energies, what if we simply stood safe and comfortable within our own energy field without having to block anyone else’s?

There is an energy field in which you are Safe, Peaceful, and Calm – a field that allows you to remain in harmony with the energy of the Earth and Humanity without fearing others. 

In ancient times it was understood that Protection was the name of the energetic Field of Freedom, an individual energy field surrounding each human that operates well beyond any shielding or protection exercise you can engage in.

The Field of Freedom keeps everything that is less than optimal for your highest good out of your energy field while preserving a sense of quiet calm for yourself.

Information about the Field of Freedom was initially downloaded to two women, Tina Thrussell and Hillory Hanson, at a retreat in the summer of 2018. However, the information remained unclear for a year and a half before these women were re-united in the fall of 2019. Their reunion brought further clarity through another set of downloads from SoA (Source of All / Divine / Spirit / God – whatever name you prefer to use). “Where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Stop fear based ‘protecting’…
Feel the Liberty of living in your own Freedom Field!

Knowledge of the individual Freedom Field had been forgotten for so long that this energy field had become inactive for most humans. However, through the downloads Tina and Hillory received, the way to activate your Freedom Field is now known!

On a grander scale, we have been advised that when enough of us have our Freedom Fields activated, and we choose to consciously live within our Activated Freedom Field, the ‘hundredth monkey principal’ will also be activated.

This means that simply by having your Freedom Field Activated, you have the potential to positively affect other humans. Together, we can neutralize the field of fear that has been bombarding Earth from extraterrestrials for many, many years.

By activating our Freedom Fields we have the potential to spare humanity the fear-based life we have been living!

Experience Freedom from the impact of other people’s energy AND Contribute to the Eradication of Fear on our planet!

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Note: Freedom Field Activations, when incorporated with a healing Shin Dao session, can be experienced in person, or over distances, through the technology of Zoom or Skype.

Definition of a Healer: One accesses information, energies and resources to activate the self-healing process in others. 

Definition of an Empath: One who is highly sensitive and often takes on other people’s energies and emotions. Some empaths actually take on other people’s physical symptoms.