Support from Tina

You’re a Leader, a Healer, a Seeker on a Spiritual path and You want to make a bigger impact and have greater influence in your world.


But problems like these can impact your ability to give your best and move forward on your chosen path

  • suffering from mysterious physical pain not arising from an injury
  • feeling ‘out of sorts’ and ‘out of balance’
  • suffering with  grief,  anxiety,  or other emotional pain
  • feeling the discomfort of picking up other people’s energy and feelings
  • lack of clarity and focus,  or feeling stuck 
  • doubt 


Problems like these can be gently, and easily resolved!



Hi. I’m Tina.

I intend to gently, yet powerfully, support you through Intuitively guided Messages, Energy, Sound and Movement to feel Lighter, Peaceful and more Confident moving forward.


After a Shin Dao (Heart Way) session with Tina you’ll feel: 

  • Relaxed  and  Nurtured
  • Calm  and  Peaceful (by releasing low vibrational emotions like grief , anger and resentment)
  • Balanced  and  Grounded
  • Relief from Pain  (through Release of Blockages)

“Oh my gosh!” Joanna exclaimed as she rolled her shoulder, “After six months of suffering, the pain in my shoulder is completely gone!  And I have full range of motion now! I feel so much lighter, too!” 

Tina’s intuition revealed unexpressed grief that had been trapped in Joanna’s shoulder. Once it was identified and released, Joanne felt lighter and regained full mobility, without pain, in her shoulder.

Recipients of this beautiful energy dance with Tina also report feeling:

  • Restored Hopefulness
  • “Like a fog has lifted”
  • Heightened Intuition
  • More open Communication with Divine / Angels / Guides / Spirits
  • Heightened Body Awareness and Acceptance

After an ISGI (Intuitive Spiritual Guidance and Insight) Reading  you’ll have:

  • Greater Clarity and Certainty
  • Answers to your questions
  • Affirmation of your chosen path

Yours is the best reading I have ever had! You made the space comfortable and inviting in a trustworthy way. The reading was so relevant to the issues I had and very personal.”  
 – Patricia A.

One-on-One sessions (either in person, or via Zoom) open doors to a
New Path of Health and Happiness.

Relieve pain, Release stress.

Experience Substantial Shifts for new Possibilities for your life.

Regardless of your ailment, your one-on-one Shin Dao Session will be a pleasantly relaxing experience that resolves the root cause of your discomfort, bringing you into a state of peace, calm, balance and relief!

Book on-line below or contact Tina directly at 1-403-285-5266


Your caring Spiritual Healer, Tina (named Woman Who Dances with Light in a drumming ceremony with traditional Cree elder White Thunderbird), has a talent for making you feel safe in her sacred space. She also has an intuitive gift for receiving and transmitting energy, information and resources. Combined with powerful holistic healing modalities (such as, but not restricted to, what is listed below), Tina paves the path to healing with gentleness, wisdom, and often, humour.

Sound Wellness (a holistic modality that uses techniques based in science – incorporating sound like tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowl – to bring the body, mind, emotions and spirit back into harmony so that healing can take place).

The ReConnection (Reconnective Healing is a highly evolved form of energy interaction that advances your health, balance, and expanded consciousness).

Aromatherapy (the use of essential oils to evoke certain responses).

The use of these techniques is augmented with the use of Crystals, and Objects from Nature.

Your session is entirely heart-based, guided by SoA (Source of All) / Spirit / the Divine / God – whatever name your prefer to use – to facilitate your healing on many levels.

I felt very safe and was able to be open from the beginning.  We did a lot of fun things in the session which helped let my inner child out – and I don’t do that nearly enough. The chakra alignment was amazing and I went ‘somewhere else’. I felt energy pulsing through me and was able to let go of the mind chatter to just let myself experience what was there to experience.  The crystals were very strong and powerful. I felt like the session helped me to release and allow on deeper levels.  I would highly recommend a session for re-balancing and tuning up all your chakras!”
– Danielle B.  April, 2015

You’ll not only feel lighter, more balanced and whole, you will receive self-care guidance – tools and techniques to take home to keep you in a balanced state of harmony.

“I love the way Tina is so connected, and the insights that came through during my sessions with her. After each one, I felt more grounded, and yet lighter at the same time. She gave me specific things I could do at home to make my own journey better, calmer, and more tuned in. It really is difficult to put into words all the things you get from a session with Tina, the best thing you can do is have one yourself!”
-Andrea Jones, Personal and Business Coach   Oct, 2017  

Each Shin Dao Session is a truly unique experience that provides healing at deep and meaningful levels, often resolving the root cause of your issue, effectively eliminating the need for on-going treatments.

Book on-line below or contact Tina directly at 403-285-5266 .

Your session includes a written summary of insights, recommended ideas, exercises and/or activities for your continued engagement and progress, and may include the use of singing bowl, tuning forks, frame drum, voice, Koshi Chime, Songpod, crystals, aromatherapy, ReConnection, Reiki, Light Energy… all based on what you need in the moment.

“Tina did a marvelous job of helping me relax and find some peace.  The session was also very helpful in guidance for how I can better my wellness and enjoyment of life.  Thank you so much for your kind and gracious help in my healing.
– Sarah, Olson, Economic Development Officer, Town of Ponoka


Freedom Field Activation

For Healers, Practitioners and Empaths –

Stand safe within your own energy field without having to block anyone else’s energy!

The Freedom Field Activation process was ‘downloaded’ to Tina in the fall of 2019. A Freedom Field Activation allows you to feel peaceful, calm, harmonized with the Earth and Humanity, without fearing the impact of others’ energies.

Healers/Practitioners can be freed from the ritual of ‘protecting themselves’  before working with clients.

Empaths can enjoy being in group settings without feeling overwhelmed by others’ energies.

Click here for more information on Freedom Fields.

Group Sessions – Healing thru Dance

Experience Connected-ness and Whole-ness in a truly Unique and Safe group setting that generates Individual Healing on All Levels while creating a sense of Community.

Healing Thru Dance-Galya Journey 3 Session PassHeal your Body, Mind and Spirit in Safe and Sacred Space through a truly unique, spiritual, closed-eye journey of Connection, Transformation and Freedom!

Tina ‘downloaded’ this process she calls a Galya Journey in the late 2000s and it has received rave reviews!

“This was a deep experience that felt like a coming home to myself. What a lovely experience in such a safe and sacred space. Thank you, Tina!”  -Ronnie Joy Leah, Rainbow Dancer

A Galya Journey is Healing Thru Dance, yet it is more than moving your body – it is a Dance of Your Soul. With eyes closed, tuned into your inner healer, you move to the stirring music, allowing a freedom of expression that becomes moving meditation and a journey into peace. You dance with freedom and joy for some time and then, as the music slows and softens, you silently join the healing circle. The first participant picks up the talking stick… and as it passes from hand to hand, you are deeply moved by the authentic sharing…

“What a beautiful experience! Exactly what I needed. Thank you, Tina!”  -Teresa DeGrosbois, founder of Wildfire Workshops and co-founder of the Evolutionary Business Council

Experience the magic of Healing Energies and Messages received and transmitted through your Galya Journey facilitator, Tina Thrussell. Contact us to book a Galya Journey for your group, or to find out when you can participate with another group.

More about Shin Dao Sessions and How they Work

Your body has full capacity to heal itself. Have you ever cut your finger or broken a bone?  While your doctor may have used a few tools to help your body – applied a bandage or a cast, for example – in the end, your body did the healing for itself.

So, in this way, Tina acts as the ‘Spiritual Doctor’, accessing the tools to help your body heal itself.  Often, this involves accessing and clearing the root emotional, spiritual or mental cause for an ailment and clearing the energy of that root to allow the physical healing to happen.

Everything is energy, including your thoughts and your body.  All energy resonates at different frequencies.  Your body – each and every individual body part – has its own natural resonance, and when you have negative thoughts, or experience external energies that disrupt your natural frequencies, you experience physical, mental and emotional discomfort.

During your Shin Dao Session, Tina will intuitively ‘read’ your energy frequencies and use a variety of tools to help restore your natural resonance.  It is scientifically proven that Sound affects you far more deeply than you consciously realize, which is why various sound tools – such as tuning forks, singing bowl, drumming, songpod, birdsong and voice – will likely play an integral role in your session.

In addition, Tina will likely draw upon Light energies – and the assistance of those aligned with the SoA (Source of All), such as angels and guides – to assist your healing.  You may be asked to simply lie back, relax and allow, or you may be asked to stand and make specific movements.  You may be asked to hold a Crystal or two to amplify the energies. You may be be guided to make affirming statements and to breathe in a particular way at various points in your session.   You may experience tingling, see visions, colors or images or you may simply feel warm, comfortable and relaxed.

Each session is totally unique and guided by Divine Love Energy, so we can’t tell you exactly what will happen in your session…

But we can assure you that your session will be a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

After her 60 minute session, Stella Cappis wrote: “A wonderful, warm feeling of opening my heart again.  My whole body feels relaxed.  Very thankful to Tina for helping cleanse my whole body.  I recommend for everyone to have a wonderful treatment!”

Your session is guaranteed to be a unique and pleasant experience with long lasting effects, especially if you engage in the recommended ‘exercises’ that may be prescribed for you to continue your healing journey on your own.  Why wait for relief?


ISGI Readings (Intuitive Spiritual Insights and Guidance)

Receive the best solutions for your issues through a truly unique and delightfully pleasant reading experience to avoid making mistakes and wasting time.

“Yours is the best reading I have ever had! You made the space comfortable and inviting in a trustworthy way. The reading was so relevant to the issues I had and very personal.”  
– Patricia A.

Feel a Calming sense of Certainty and Serenity about your future through one of Tina’s readings.  Accurate guidance and advice provides an Action Plan for your life that leads to better Health, Joy and Fulfillment.

Your session includes a vibration-raising sound bath with Tina’s ‘songpod’ (sounds like fairy bells and makes you feel wonderful!), access to information from Higher Sources through a broad variety of Divination decks/Oracle cards, and a recording of your reading so you can revisit the information provided in the session.

Readings may be done in person, via Skype or Zoom, or over the phone.

“Without Tina knowing anything that had recently happened, the reading touched upon events in my life. It guided me and helped me to figure out what I need to do and can do. It helped me to think clearly and block out negatives in order to be calmer and more rational.”
-Nina S.

For a unique celebration or girls night out, book an ISGI Party!  Tina will do individual readings – but in a group! – for up to 8 people. It’s fun and an interesting way to get to know your friends a little better. Call 403-285-5266 for more information.


 Healing Energy Tune-ups

Pressed  for time? Want to feel Calmer, more Balanced and Joyful without spending an hour in a session? Experience the relaxing, yet energizing effects of a mini-session.  These quick sessions provide amazing results and receive rave reviews!

 “It was amazing! I was stressed, and after Tina’s session I felt like I’d just had an hour and half massage!”
Denyse Chabot

“I happened upon Tina at the Rock & Gem Show in Lacombe where she prescribed a ’15 minute Tune-up”‘ Wow!  I feel lighter, my mind is so much clearer and I am ready to explore other avenues with this amazing woman!”
Judy Perdomo, Liquid Capital

“Tina, thank you for the time we spent.  Love your playful energy.  I feel very calm.  It was a great experience! Thank you.”
– Robert Turner

I felt the surge of ‘happy’ energy – tingling sensation.  My chakras were opened.    I felt connected to my inner energy like I could almost talk to any part of my body.  Very wonderful experience!  With confidence, peaceful, calm mind, clarity, I begin my inner life changes.”

“I felt more open to Gaia, which pulled a lot of amazing energy into my body.  I felt warm, happy and whole, which I haven’t felt in a long time.  Thank you for that amazing feeling!”
Sarah Zottl


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