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The Online Vision Board is a self-directed / self-paced workshop/program.

With that being said, if you get stuck at any time please reach out to us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Everything About Vision Boards – How to Create and Use a Vision Board.

Note: This video is one of the best I have seen on Vission Boards and it is created by someone else. So instead of recreating the video, I asked the owner if I could use theirs. They said yes!

Everything About Vision Boards – How to Create and Use a Vision Board

How to Create a Vision Board | Jack Canfield.

Overview of the ONLINE Vision Board process: 

  • Open up your mind Accept any little ideas that come to you. Let your inner perfectionist rest. Resist the urge to be hard on yourself about how things look. Your vision board is a collage, a collection of images and words. You may have created a collage as a child, so remember that child-like willingness to play as you create your board. Let your inner child take over.

Prior to assembling your vision board. We recommend you listen to Tina’s short Vision Board Visualization.

  • Use a variety of image sources. see footnote below Almost anything will do (as long as it’s not negative news). Canva will allow you to upload images; use scanned images, images from your personal devices, or images you have searched for via Google or Safari, etc. Plus you have access to the extensive photo library within Canva, which is one of the reasons we chose to use Canva for this workshop/program.
    • Look for any words and images that you are attracted to, that you love, that brings you joy, and/or inspire you on some level. It doesn’t matter why you choose these words and images; you’ll discover later what they mean.
    • Your vision board doesn’t have to be pretty or artistic. It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks of it. Your vision board is a visual ‘aspirations list’, rich with meaning, and it may be that only you will understand what the deeper meaning is.

What is Canva? Canva is one of the best FREE online graphic platforms on the internet. It is easy to use and is perfect for our Vision Board process. It will allow you to create a Vision Board and then download the graphic so you can use it as a background on your favourite devices as well as print the Vision Board off your printer.

Note: I tried many, many packages before I selected Canva.

  • Put all your electronic images into a directory (Folder). If you are using images other than Canva’s library, create a directory on your computer/phone so that your images are all in one easy-to-access location when you upload them to Canva.
  • Go to your favourite browser and Create a Canva account or log in to your Canva account using your verified login credentials if you have an existing account.

Watch ALL the Instructional Videos HERE FIRST and then Create your Vision Board in Canva.

Decide on the size and layout of your vision board. I (Neil) like to make mine in Portrait (tall) – 20 inches wide by 30 inches tall. Then play with ways to make that pile of images you have gathered best fit together on your newly created canvas.

  • Set a time limit. Attempt to complete your vision board in one sitting. (If you aren’t familiar with Canva, you may want to sit down in two sessions – one to get familiar with Canva and the second sitting to actually create your vision board.) Choose a pre-determined amount of time to work on the project. This way you’ll actually get it done, and not be exhausted by the time you finish it.

I am able to make quick decisions and work very rapidly. So my whole vision board process takes me in the neighbourhood of one hour from start to finish. Thant includes time searching for images!

Other people are more deliberate and methodical, and searching for the right images can take a couple of hours. Know this – there are no wrong time extents to this exercise. This is why you have a two-month time frame to access this page of instructions. Note: your Canva account is free for as long as they allow free memberships!

  • Download the completed Vision Board. Print your creation, and put it somewhere that you’ll see it often. (Or that you can at least peek at once in a while). Hey! Pop it up as your computer/phone wallpaper!

Image footnote: While you are looking for images, play this audio program, “I Am” by Neil Thrussell and Rick Martin, or listen to the above 10 Vision Board Inspiring Songs.

I am Meditation

Special Bonus: Listen to this “I AM” audio program before you go to bed at night!