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7 Secrets Video series


A life-enhancing, yet entertaining accompaniment to the 7 Secrets for Living a More Joyful, Fulfilling Life Guidebook, this video series includes stories to illustrate how the seven secrets can work in your life to bring you more joy and fulfillment, along with additional powerful exercises to positively impact your life. Enthusiastically presented by Tina and Neil Thrussell.
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This 7 Secrets Video Series covers all seven secrets presented in the guidebook “7 Secrets for Living a More Joyful, Fulfilling Life” in further depth, and connects these secrets to the ways you can STOP feeling unhappy,  tired, worn-out and walked on…

The videos also provide recommended exercises (including bonus exercises not listed in the Guidebook) to take you deeper, to:

  • Find Relief from Feeling Obligated to put others’ needs first.
  • Stop feeling worn out by Giving More than you Receive.
  • Stop the stress of feeling responsible for everyone and everything in your life.

There is one secret revealed in each video, and the videos are emailed to you, one secret each week, to give you time to contemplate and digest each secret before you receive the next video. We strongly encourage you to practice the exercises presented in each video before the next video arrives.

This 3 ½ minute introductory video about Joy offers a taste of the enthusiasm, fun and encouragement you’re in for.  Click here to watch. 

The guidebook and the videos work together to give you a richer, fuller experience of life. Obtain your video series now!


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