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Personal Mission/Purpose Package


Create a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in your life.
Get clear about WHO you are, WHAT you are here to do, and WHY you want to do it!
Create your own personal mission (purpose) statement easily and effectively
with this handy workbook and 30 minute, personal, one-on-one phone/skype coaching session.

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Do you know WHO you are, WHAT you want to do to make a difference in the world… and WHY you want to do that?
When you create your own personal mission (purpose) statement, you create a personalized guiding message to keep you focused and on the path of doing what you are called to do.

This unique, proven, highly effective package includes a workbook that provides an extensive – and intensive! – look at who you are and what fills you with a sense of purpose and contribution to the world. The workbook is an easy-to-use tool to guide you through the all-important process of creating your very own personal mission, or purpose, statement.

Your purchase of this invaluable package also includes a 30 minute, personal, one-on-one laser coaching session with a highly intuitive and well-trained coach to assist you with any rough spots in your process, or to help you fine tune your statement when you  have completed the process.  (You decide at what point you want this personal attention and assistance.)

This coaching session is vital to ensuring your statement is perfect for you and will truly serve you in keeping you “on purpose“ in your life.

Take this all important step to creating a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in your life – purchase your Workbook-Coaching Session package right here, right now!


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