Feel Good – Level 1 Membership

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

[pmpro_member field=”first_name”], I am so delighted to have you here with us on this Feel Good journey. This may very well be your initiation into living the Shin Dao – the Way of the Heart!

We invite you to consider yourself as part of our Best U Can B Family, [pmpro_member field=”first_name”] (a community of individuals who want to LIVE life!).

This is the place to come for relief, where you can return to Joy. I invite you to make it a daily practice to play on this site. Whether you only have two minutes for an activity  (click on the Magic Mood Shifters) or you’re gifting yourself with a whole hour to dance, you’ll find an appealing activity to get your day off to a great start or a bring a relaxing end to your day. I guarantee you’ll feel better and more uplifted afterwards…… so jump in right away and make the most of your time here with us!

Magic Mood Shifters




When you need a quick pick me up (less than 2 minutes) , click the button below and do the first activity that catches your eye.

Love your body and set your spirit free.  Everything here from a single 3 minute dance for joy, to one hour guided dance fitness routines.

Improve balance, co-ordination, memory, focus and concentration. From five to fifteen minute sessions.

Soothing music and gentle visualization to help calm your mind, relax your body and connect you with the Source of All that is.

The resources you’ll find here are based in the four pillars of the Shin Dao – the Way of the Heart:

Develop your Body

Inspire your Mind

Open your Heart 

Elevate your Spirit.

These pillars help you build a strong foundation for your life so you can live with more Joy.   



P.S. We offer you a friendly reminder that your membership in [pmpro_member field=” membership_description “] expires on [pmpro_member field=” membership_enddate “] so start enjoying the resources here right away.