Feel Good – Level 1 – Dance

Welcome to the Joy of Movement!!  These guided dance fitness routines are based in the principles of Nia (a fusion fitness blend of the energies of 3 dance arts, 3 healing arts and 3 martial arts). Nia is about kicking your shoes off to enjoy barefoot, whole-body movement to uplifting music. It’s about moving Your body’s away.  Rather than fuss about getting the steps ‘right’, just keep moving in ways that makes your body feel good. Enjoy!

“Moving Meditation”  20 minutes

Our focus is moving gently. Our intention is to relax you and bring you to a state of inner calm and peace.


“Loosen Up”  30 minutes

A mix of songs from different Nia routines to get loose and have fun with.

Sanjanna.  1 hour

Our focus is Dynamic Ease. Our intent is to generate a whole body workout and a mind-freeing experience.

Selfless.   1 hour

Our focus is Squeeze and Release. Our intention is to condition the body through the energy of Strength created by squeezing and Stretching through releasing.  Be moved by the music to set your spirit free.

Dreamwalker.  1 hour

Our focus is the Joy of Movement.  Our intention is to experience the joy that comes from moving your body, your way. There are choreographed steps to follow, but I invite you to focus more on moving safely and having fun.