About Us

Tina Head Shot
Tina Thrussell


Tina’s warm, welcoming energy and contagious enthusiasm have made her a well-loved international speaker/facilitator who has inspired thousands of people to live more joyful, fulfilling lives.

For more than two decades, Tina has been facilitating empowering transformation and gentle healing through a broad range of experiences:

Life-enhancing Workshops
Fun Seminars
Soul-freeing, dance-based classes
Transformational Retreat experiences
Empowering Group Coaching
Magical Women’s Circles
Relaxing, Rejuvenating Healing Shin Dao (Heart Way) sessions

Tina’s genuine desire that you leave feeling better than you arrived ensures you have a remarkable experience playing/working with her.

Neil Head Shot
L. Neil Thrussell


Neil is a fun-loving, genuine soul who also happens to be an international speaker, trainer, personal/business coach, and four-time Amazon International Best-Selling Author of the A Warrior’s Heart book series.

A charismatic, likable guy with a surprisingly small ego, Neil illuminates purposeful living with his words and models passionate living with his actions.

Our Story

We co-founded Best U Can B with the grand vision and intent that Everyone, Everywhere, feels Great about Who they are and What they are Doing with their Life.

Our vision stemmed from our personal journey – a long road of discontent, struggle, strife, longing and questioning that eventually led us to authentically living with Passion, Purpose, Playfulness, Peace, and Joy.

We personally know how painful it can be to question who you are and what you’re doing with your life. Through years of training and the school of hard knocks, we’ve learned to cultivate our Inner Strength and Wisdom, and to totally Trust our Intuition. We uncovered the Truth of who we are, experiencing Self-Love and Compassion, creating a life of greater Ease and Grace.

Since 2003, when we birthed Best U Can B, we’ve been compiling what we’ve learned into life-enhancing experiences for people like you. Over the years, we’ve re-worked and presented new versions of these experiences, over and over again, always taking the best of everything we’ve experienced, in order to spare you the years of despair we faced.

In 2016, the Shin Daothe Way of the Heart – came through to us, illuminating an even deeper living of living. By incorporating this guiding philosophy into our lives, we’ve come to experience more Love and Joy than we ever thought possible.

Today we incorporate the Shin Dao philosophy into our Best U Can B experiences, so that you, too can live with greater Ease and Grace on your journey to Loving Yourself and Your Life.

The reason we do what we do, is that we want you to Trust more, Love more and Know that you are Worthy of all the Good the Universe has to offer. We want you to Follow your Heart and live a Fulfilling, Luscious life, too!

Join us on a Magical Journey to Confidently Play Bigger and Shine Brighter than you ever thought possible.

Stop longing… Start Living!