What is a Shin Daoist?

A Shin Daoist journey is filled with love, joy, passion and the playfulness of the Divine.

To live as a Shin Daoist you learn to:

  • Follow the wisdom of your heart, taking focused action with the guidance of your conscious mind.
  • Approach life with a Light Heart. Child-like playfulness keeps you aligned with your true nature and the Source of All that Is (SoA).
    Treat all life as Sacred.
  • Master your Self. Rise above drama and self-doubt to develop the determination and will power needed to take the necessary actions to create health, happiness and well-being in all aspects of your life – no matter what! – so that you are able to be in full service, as your heart desires.
  • Commit to sharing your unique gifts with the world. Stand in service to your highest good with the characteristics of a Spiritual Warrior – strength, courage, honesty, integrity, humility, dedication and compassion.
  • Live by the four foundational Pillars and twelve guiding Tenants of the Shin Dao.
  • Declare the Affirmative Statement of a Shin Daoist.

Note: We say ‘Amen’ as the closing for this declaration since the roots of the word ‘Amen’ indicate this word was originally used an expression of strong agreement and an affirmation of a blessing.

      Stop longing… Start Living!